Coconut Oil for Dogs? 10 Causes to Attempt It

As increasingly People recognize the unbelievable taste and well being advantages of coconut oil, many extra glorious manufacturers present up on retailer cabinets. My favourite occurs to be Tropical Traditions as a result of it’s comprised of licensed natural coconuts, which haven’t been handled with chemical substances or fertilizers. Plus, it is available in a generously proportioned glass bottle (which I a lot want to plastic), so I all the time have sufficient to share with my beloved five-pack of dogs! So, is coconut oil good for dogs? Coconut oil for dogs can be utilized in a wide range of methods.

Fed commonly, coconut oil for dogs can have many well being advantages — for his or her pores and skin, digestive and immune techniques; metabolic operate; and even their bone and mind well being!

Is coconut oil good for dogs? Coconut oil for dogs has many well being advantages. Pictures by Africa Studios / Shutterstock.

10 causes to attempt coconut oil for dogs:

1. Coconut oil for dogs helps dog pores and skin situations

Coconut oil improves total pores and skin well being for dogs, and clears up pores and skin situations equivalent to eczema, flea allergic reactions, contact dermatitis and itchy pores and skin.

2. Coconut oil helps your dog’s coat

Extremely emollient, utilizing coconut oil for dogs helps moisturize the driest pores and skin and makes a dog’s coat gleam with well being — whether or not you add it to her eating regimen, her shampoo or each!

three. Coconut oil promotes therapeutic

Utilized topically to the pores and skin, coconut oil for dogs promotes the therapeutic of cuts, wounds, scorching spots, bites and stings.

four. Coconut oil for dogs helps your pup odor nice

The antibacterial and antifungal properties of coconut oil assist cut back doggy odor, and its pleasantly tropical aroma imparts a pleasant scent to a dog’s pores and skin and coat.

5. Coconut oil has antiviral properties

Coconut oil prevents and treats yeast infections, together with candida. Its antiviral brokers additionally assist dogs recuperate shortly from kennel cough.

6. Coconut oil for dogs improves digestion and diet absorption

Digestion and nutrient absorption are improved by the addition of coconut oil to a dog’s eating regimen. It will probably, nonetheless, trigger stool to loosen; if that occurs, simply add a couple of spoonfuls of canned pumpkin to your dog’s eating regimen (go right here for extra stool-firming suggestions).

7. Coconut oil may help doggy breath

Coconut oil reduces — and typically eliminates — doggy breath. Some dog lovers even brush their pets’ teeth with the stuff! Which is sensible, as dogs love the style of coconut oil, and that makes the chore much less arduous for brusher and brushee.

eight. Coconut oil for dogs helps shield towards illness

Like cinnamon, coconut oil helps forestall diabetes by regulating and balancing insulin. It additionally promotes regular thyroid operate, and helps forestall an infection and coronary heart illness.

9. Coconut oil helps promote mobility in dogs

Serving to to scale back weight and improve vitality, coconut oil for dogs additionally promotes mobility in pups with arthritis and different joint points.

10. Coconut oil for dogs helps your canine’s thoughts, too

Once more like cinnamon, coconut oil is superb for mind well being; it’s getting used to stave off dementia in people, and it’s a should to maintain senior dogs’ minds from changing into cloudy.

Inform us: What do you concentrate on coconut oil for dogs? Have you ever used it earlier than? How do you apply it to your dog?

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