How to Look Naturally Beautiful Without Makeup

Is it true that you are thinking about how to get the normal cosmetics look? With Spring around the bend the pattern will just increment. How would we that? We’ll it begins with extraordinary looking skin. Here are our tips for wearing negligible cosmetics or no cosmetics by any stretch of the imagination.

  1. Prep your skin

Continuously wash your face with a chemical like Pure Fiji’s Purifying Cleanser. That is on the grounds that a rinsed face resembles an incredible canvas. This remarkable chemical is gotten from sugar stick removes, supported with papaya concentrates to light up skin tone while passionflower and float nut separates reestablish skin to a solid equalization.

  1. Saturate

Regardless of whether you’re applying the most diminutive measure of concealer or establishment it’s significant that you apply a hydrating lotion like Pure Fiji’s Hydrating Multi Active Day Cream to make your skin look smooth and cleaned looking with an increasingly brilliant, even tone.

  1. Tidy up your temples

A temples that is tidied up and molded superbly can help outline your face. On the off chance that your foreheads need a bit of filling utilize delicate strokes utilizing a pencil, powder, or cream to help characterize your temples. Toning it down would be ideal nowadays, and basic, yet characterized temples are an absolute necessity in negligible cosmetics looks.

  1. Spot a little concealer or establishment

More often than not we truly don’t have to cover our whole face with establishment. Rather utilize a concealer or establishment to touch on the imperfect spots. Basically pat with your finger to mix.

Did you realize that Pure Fiji’s Dilo oil is incredible for fixing and limiting skin inflammation scars? Simply add several drops to your face in the wake of purifying and apply day crème, serum or night crème on top. Or then again include a few drops into the crème and apply to your face.

  1. Spooning

Spooning is an incredible method to normally twist your lashes without mascara and eyelash styler. Warmth a spoon in a cup of warm water, at that point press the bended side over your top and delicately press lashes against the bended edge of the spoon for ten seconds.

  1. Use coconut oil

For a characteristic shine, utilize Pure Fiji’s Exotic Bath and Body oil as a cheekbone highlighter. Essentially clear a little measure of oil on your cheekbones, forehead bone, down the extension of your nose and over your cupid’s bow. You’ll see a moment shine!

  1. Make your own DIY normal become flushed


Natural cornstarch or arrowroot powder

4 oz. artisan container with a cover

Pick your shade by including at least one of the accompanying:

For pink or red becomes flushed – beet root powder or hibiscus powder

For dark colored becomes flushed – cinnamon or cacao powder (as a bronzer)

For a brilliant sparkle – turmeric


Spot 1-2 tablespoons of natural cornstarch or arrowroot powder into an artisan container.

Include one teaspoon during an era of your picked shade from the rundown above and mix well until you have the shading you like.

Apply your DIY Natural Blush with a major delicate, regular cosmetics bristle over the apple of your check upwards.

  1. Eat carrots for a characteristic tan

Carrots have dependably been known for changing skin shading and the uplifting news is it you won’t turn orange! Abnormal amounts of carotenoids will give you that ideal, sun-kissed shine that everybody is after. What’s more they are stacked with nutrient A which improves your visual perception and shield your skin from sun harm.

  1. Eat your approach to shining skin

We’ve gathered together the best 18 sustenances that expel wrinkles, advance shining skin and keep your skin supple and delicate—one chomp at any given moment.

  1. Get your magnificence rest

Notwithstanding whether you wear cosmetics or not there is no substitution for a decent night’s rest. Since your body fixes around evening time it’s crucial that you get in any event 6-8 hours of value rest. You revive your telephone right? Indeed, it’s the equivalent for your body.

The “no cosmetics” pattern is setting down deep roots. A characteristic look not just enables your credible self to radiate through but at the same time you’re letting your skin breathe…and that is dependably something to be thankful for. Primary concern; by fusing Pure Fiji’s regular healthy skin items into your every day skin health management routine you’ll be headed to looking normally excellent without cosmetics. Hi to brilliant Spring skin!

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